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Thank you for choosing Williams Lawn Service for your lawn care needs. I am Thor Williams, owner of Williams Lawn Service. I would like to give you the history of my company and tell you who we are today.

I graduated from Hamilton High School in 1986 and enlisted in the U.S. Army soon after. I am proud to be a Desert Shield/Desert Storm Veteran that served with the 1st Cavalry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas. Following my time of service commitments, I was employed by Lockheed and ITT Industries on Department of Defense contracts as a civilian contractor in Kuwait for three years and Italy for four years, maintaining M1A1 tanks and Bradley fighting vehicle fleets for our soldiers abroad.

After returning stateside to the civilian world to be with family and loved ones, I realized that working outdoors and providing a one-on-one service for people was my true passion. This is how I ended up in the lawn care and landscaping business.

I believe the attention to detail instilled in me for years in the military sector has been the key trait that I've carried over into what truly makes Williams Lawn Service different from other lawn care businesses. Respecting clients' wants and needs and providing honest, professional and dependable services at a reasonable rate goes a long way and it has proven itself. Word of mouth has confirmed the importance of this and has been the key to our growth and success by far.

Williams Lawn Service is an veteran owner-operated, husband and wife business located in Trenton, Ohio. We have been providing lawn care and landscape services to Liberty Township, Fairfield Township, and surrounding areas since 2005. We offer a wide range of services aimed at establishing, enhancing and maintaining your outdoor living areas. No matter what the job, our team is determined to establish 100% quality & customer satisfaction.


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