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Here are some questions we get from potential and current clients:

Bi-weekly service is offered but not recommended, especially in the faster growing part of the season (typically April – June). Two weeks of growth is too much to cleanly cut in most cases and tends to have issues such as clump grass discharge, appearance of a rough cut, etc.
Yes, we are fully insured. You can completely trust us with your lawn care service.
Our normal work schedule is Monday – Fridays (usually until 5-6pm). If necessary we utilize Saturdays and Sundays to help make up for inclement weather. We communicate with each home owner to ensure there is no inconvenience involved. Typically, each client is given a specific day that their service will be performed and we will make every attempt to maintain the same route each week. However, many factors can affect our schedule, so we cannot guarantee an exact time or specific day.
Most clients on the weekly service plan pay bi-weekly and that is fine. Some pay weekly and that fine too. Those who wish to pay monthly need to pay in advance. We leave an invoice at each day of visit and service has been completed. A late fee of $20.00 per month will be added to any balance more than 30 days late. A $25.00 fee will be applied to any returned check. Cash, Checks and money orders are accepted.
We would appreciate being informed of any pets that may have access to your yard at the time of service. If at all possible, it would be appreciated if you could keep your pooch inside at your scheduled time of service. Case by case, communication is helpful here. It would also be helpful if the homeowner could clean up any pet droppings, large bones, toys, large rocks, etc…the evening prior to scheduled service.
Unfortunately, we are unable to “take off” on holidays. We will make every effort to confirm that there is no conflict to mow on a specific holiday and are willing to adjust accordingly. If a conflict should arise we will move your service day to the following day whenever possible and get you back on your regularly scheduled day ASAP.
We understand that things come up and schedules conflict occasionally. If you are planning on an outing or just need to reschedule or adjust to an earlier day, please just give us a two-day notice so we can schedule accordingly.